Hi! My name is Andrew, and I’m a web developer!


Coder News

A Fullstack blogging application.

Tech: React, Apollo, GraphQL, PostgreSQL


Portfolio site built for a freelance client

Tech: GatsbyJS, CMS

Inventory Manager

Mock inventory management application.

Tech: Java, JavaFX

Package Delivery System

Delivery system with a greedy algorithm

Tech: Python

Actor Portfolio

A website to showcase an actor's work.

Tech: Gatsby.JS, Grommet UI, Netlify CMS

Todo List

A todo list app built using the PERN stack.

Tech: PostgreSQL, Express, React, Node.js


The Modern Web can be difficult to navigate. Hire an experienced web developer who will understand your needs, and can guide you through an ever changing environment.

Technologies I use frequently:


email: andrew@manleyweb.dev

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